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          Ash Framing is a complete process creating a vehicle body in three dimensions to give the vehicle its final lines, requires alot of patience, skill and artistic flair.
          Over years exposed to extreme temperature variations the original timber loses the oils and resins it naturally has and although it may not be affected by rot or insect attack it can be reduced to being very brittle.  Ash is a naturaly long grained, relatively light in weight and supple timber, this is why it has been chosen for coachbuilding right through from carriage building days, to cope with the shocks and twisting on the rough roads of years ago. After the first and then second world war timber was in short supply so some manufacturers resorted to using other timbers such as beech as a substitute.  Oak has sometimes been used for the base frames whilst hickory is found used for hood sticks and also traditionally for wooden wheel spokes. So wood is a versatile component and if looked after will last well under difficult conditions.  Our timber is sourced from local suppliers and only the best grades used. 


Fraxinus Excelsior - Ash